Jose Aaron C. Abinosa

Jose Aaron C. Abinosa
Jose Aaron Abinosa graduated with a degree in Communication at the University of St. La Salle, Bacolod. His love for food and the media led him to create an online food channel called “Espresso”. He is also a dancer, singer, graphic designer, and a former theatre play director.

Crowning a Dark Horse: MUP crowns Ilonggo Queen

From the back to the top, no hypes nor popularity stopped Ilonggo Rabiya Mateo from taking the crown in the first-ever Miss Universe Philippines, 25 October 2020 held in Baguio City.

Olympias’ heiresses? Celebrity mothers: Love them or hate them

The old saying goes "Mother knows best." Antiquity, however, has shown there are those who are possessive and dominating. Like Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother....

Ash Wednesday: Opening the Lenten Season

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines - Ash Wednesday is considered as a popular and important holy day in the liturgical calendar. It opens the Lenten Season, and...

Mr. and Mrs. G versus the ‘Divine Intervention’: Facts about parental consent before marriage in PH

A scuffle. A kerfuffle. A hullaballoo. And a choking too. All because somebody could not keep things hush-hush. It seized the 'net (or this side...

Degree in E-sports might make it to college institutions

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines - Tier One Entertainment in partnership with Lyceum of the Philippines University are currently working on an electronic sports (esports)...

COVID-19 End of Week Update

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines - As of 20 February, the World Health Organization reported a total of 75,748 COVID-19 cases worlwide. There are 74,675 cases in...

The Great Propaganda Wall of China? Factual or Not: Is COVID-19 fake?

A content creator named A Different View posted a controversial article on the Patreon website last Monday, 17 February about what was said the...

What you need to know about the Visiting Forces Agreement

The Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is an agreement between the United States of America and the Philippines, signed in 1998, simplifying access procedures of US service members in the Philippines, including bilateral training or military exercise.

NBA gives new Kobe Bryant award to All-Stars MVP

The NBA All-Star Game 2020 wrapped off with Kawhi Leonard from Team Lebron bagging the first Kobe Bryant MVP Award, held 16 February, at...

Love in the time of nCorona: Five Tips to Avoid the COVID-19 on Valentine’s

Today is Valentine's Day. But, sadly, in the time that is meant for love, there is still the presence of COVID-19. The virus will never...
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