Sunday, September 20, 2020

Austin Salameda

In pursuit of a career in medicine and the arts, Austin considers himself a non-conformist. he thinks everything returns to a baseline no matter how far things tilt from right to left. Writes sometimes, tells stories often, provokes always.






A Cure for cancer has been widely sought for decades since its discovery. While popular and entertainment media usually play on “evil big pharma” tropes in their stories saying cancer cure has always been here and it has always been hidden, the truth is not actually that simple.
A normal cell in the human body will go about its function, dividing into exact copies of itself in the process of mitosis until a mechanism called “contact inhibition” tells the cell (or by now the group of cells) to stop multiplying, as most of the space to grow may have been covered.
The Philippine Clinical Practice (CPG) Guidelines has classified leptospirosis as an endemic zoonosis in the Philippines. This means that it is occurring regularly and could be transmitted between animals and humans.
The COVID-19 Vaccine called AZD1222 (previously ChAdOx1a), a modified chimp adenovirus vector vaccine, sponsored and manufactured by the University of Oxford and Astrazeneca, has begun its multi-site, Phase 3 clinical trials. According to the National Institutes of Health, the trial will enroll approximately 30,000 adult volunteers at 80 sites in the United States to evaluate if the candidate vaccine can prevent symptomatic coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). These trials may last until August 2021.
Hypertension is identified by the World Health Organization as the leading cause of cardiovascular mortality. And according to the Global Burden of Diseases published in the Lancet, cardiovascular diseases takes the top spot for deaths and diseases each year.
Sir William Osler, one of the founding fathers of John Hopkin’s Hospital, is frequently described by scholars as “the Father of Modern...

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Man shot in front of school drives wounded to police checkpoint

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - Police here has confirmed an early evening shooting incident in front of a school in Villamonte village, with the victim managing to drive wounded to a checkpoint and reporting the incident himself before he was brought to the hospital.

Duterte extends state of calamity until September 2021

President Rodrigo Duterte has extended the state of calamity over the country until 12 September 2021, or a period of one year from 13 September 2020.

The Emerging of Cloud Computing Supremacy

DUBAI, UAE - The transition of cloud computing has become a key driving force in the business world today. Many services are moved in the cloud from on-premise data centers to cut costs and increase stability.

Baciwa temporarily closes main office until further notice

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - The Bacolod City Water District had temporarily closed its Main Office at Corner Galo-San Juan Streets until further notice after two of its employees tested positive for CoViD-19.

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