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The Great Propaganda Wall of China? Factual or Not: Is COVID-19 fake?


A content creator named A Different View posted a controversial article on the Patreon website last Monday, 17 February about what was said the real reason behind the ‘coronavirus’ or now known as COVID-19.

Screencap from
Screencap from

It was written in the post that a ‘Chinese Intelligence Officer revealed the true magnitude of China’s Fake “Coronavirus’ Crisis’.

He was said to have a high-ranking position in military intelligence and part of Chinese Communist Party.


The source exposed that the Chinese were said to be working on creating a biological agent to make protesters especially in Hong Kong “docile and obedient” – a spray that could be dispersed from drones and helicopters leading to “mental retardation and behavioral change.”

Screencap from
Screencap from

Humans were said to have been used for the experiment and when it yielded “beta”, it was then transported to Hubei Province, in a testing facility outside Wuhan near the market, where the spread of the virus started. (Read full post here)

With such controversial statement, it is still very important to make sure if such statement is factual or not.

Patreon, firstly, is a membership platform mostly for new and independent creators.

Since it was the platform used to publish the statement, it is really valid to question the legitimacy of such.


In a report by CNN, from Fox News, Republican Senator Tom Cotton shared a series of comment and tweets about the coronavirus.

According to Cotton, there are at least four hypotheses about the origin of virus.

The Cotton theory also said the source is from a lab near the market, something that is also said in the Patreon post.

An Israeli biological warfare analyst, according to CNN, also suggested that the cause is most likely to come from the Chinese bioweapons program, but it was flagged by fact checkers in Facebook as wrong.

Washingon Times

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist said there is still not enough evidence to support the theory.


He believes the virus came from natural sources like the ones in SARS and MERS, which are also coronaviruses.

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