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Olympias’ heiresses? Celebrity mothers: Love them or hate them

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The old saying goes “Mother knows best.”

Antiquity, however, has shown there are those who are possessive and dominating.

Like Olympias, Alexander the Great’s mother.

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We must of course be grateful to our moms, but does it mean we should depend on them forever?

Here are different famous celebrity mothers with different personalities, showing different kinds of love to their celebrity daughters.

Do you like their way of caring for their daughters? Or is it getting a little too much?

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Mommy Divine – Sarah Geronimo

Recently, news sources flooded with information about the controversial wedding of couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli.

The secret wedding was said to be not only hidden from the public’s eye, but also hidden from Geronimo’s mother, Divine.

The actress’ mother was said to have crashed the wedding sparking a real-life telenovela.

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Divine admitted in an interview in 2011 that she is very “overprotective” of Sarah because she feels like the celebrity is not ready yet to be independent.

After almost a decade, do you think Sarah still deserves her mother to be “overprotective” of her especially in her love life?

Mommy Pinty – Toni Gonzaga Soriano and Alex Gonzaga’s

Mommy Pinty is also dominating Youtube just like her daughters.

Most of Alex’ contents include Mommy Pinty cooking, playing, answering questions on a random day or simply getting annoyed by her younger daughter.

Pinty Gonzaga is said to be the manager of her two daughters.

It was also shared by her daughters that Mommy Pinty and their dad have rules when it comes to dating but they are still supportive.

Toni is now married to Paul Soriano, and Alex is now engaged to her boyfriend Mikee Morada.

Do you think Mommy Pinty deserves more appearances in her daughters’ Youtube channels?

Or is it better for her to just stick with her being the manager behind the scenes?

Marjorie Barreto – Julia Barreto

“#TeamJulia” and “TeamBea” became huge trends on Twitter last year, due to a celebrity love triangle between Julia Baretto and the then couple, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson.

And one of the avid #TeamJulia supporter is Marjorie Barreto, Julia’s mother.

Such social media commotion has led to a total division of fans and also, the Barreto clan.

The Barretos were all over Instagram, posting their own sides, understanding, conlusions of the issue.

But one thing is for sure, Marjorie never left her daughter alone.

Do you think Marjorie did the right thing during those times?

Or should she have made actions outside social media to lessen the damage?

Anabelle Rama – Ruffa Guttierez’

Anabelle Rama had always been known for her feisty, straight to the point, no sugar coating attitude.

She and her daughter Ruffa had an on-and-off relationship before, especially in 2014 when Ruffa walked out from Anabelle’s birthday party.

The mother-daughter tandem is in good terms now and Anabelle even jokingly calls Ruffa “bobo” (stupid) when it comes to falling in love, in an interview.

Ruffa’s mother only wanted her to settle and make her life “in order” before she will be gone, Anabelle also expressed during the said interview.

Does her feisty attitude work? Or does she need to tone it down a little?

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Jose Aaron C. Abinosa
Jose Aaron C. Abinosa
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