Arch. Jorge M. Mission

Arch. Jorge M. Mission
A registered Architect, Environmental Planner, and Certified BERDE Profesional (CBP-PhilGBC). He is the Charter President of UAP-Mt Kanla-on Chapter, District C-2, Bacolod City, Negros occidental. A former faculty member of La Consolacion College – Bacolod, School of Architecture. He has been a guest lecturer of the Department of Energy - Visayas in various IEC activities and the author of booklet Energy Care. He finished Ph.D. - Technology Management.

Sanitation tent and handwashing station launched as collab project for barangay use

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - A Sanitation Tent and Handwashing Station (STHS) was launched as a collaborative project by four different organizations in...
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