Loreanne Marie Papasin

Loreanne Marie Papasin
Loreanne, who often goes by Yanna, is a first-generation Canadian immigrant born and raised in Bacolod City with a slight (major) obsession for fried chicken, singing everywhere, taking 3-hour naps, providing impromptu speeches, and making people laugh. She’s fluent in a number of languages including English and the Hiligaynon dialect, and is currently learning Korean (due to her love for K-Pop) and Spanish (because she needed one more credit for university and she loves it). She was exposed to the arts very early on in her life, and admits that she got her penchant for performing, writing, and being mischievous from her family (lola, tita, and tito- in that order). She can often be found scrolling through Instagram or reading a book as she procrastinates on homework (an inheritance from her small but scary mother whom she loves oh so very much). She is the eldest of four siblings (followed by a brother, a sister, and another brother), and currently resides in Pickering, Ontario with her relatives and her beloved fur babies Ginger and Galaxy.

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