Frederick Villaluna

Frederick Villaluna
Technopreneur. Foodie. Traveler. A Mozilla Representative in the Philippines particularly interested in earth science, cybersecurity, cloud services, market research, data visualization, and analytics.

Microsoft releases an update to remove Adobe Flash in Windows

According to Microsoft, the latest Windows update will remove Adobe Flash Player from your Windows device and cannot be re-installed.

Error 404: Facebook Not Found!

President Duterte criticized Facebook on Monday says they cannot stop him from promoting his government objectives in the country.

The Emerging Cloud Computing Supremacy

DUBAI, UAE - The transition of cloud computing has become a key driving force in the business world today. Many services are moved in the cloud from on-premise data centers to cut costs and increase stability.

Increase your Office Productivity with G Suite

With the increasing challenges around us and the effect of Covid-19, digital transformation has a significant impact on the business environment. The importance of automation tools for network building and office productivity plays a vital role. The evolution of G Suite drives across the different business industry, help to promote collaboration among its employees in just a simple click.

Why do we need a surveillance system?

With increasing crime and anti-social elements, the security surveillance system can be a great help these days. From large scale organizations to small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to consider the accessibility of each security system.

Cybersecurity: A Growing Concern

Internet frauds and online scams arise in recent years. Industries spend a lot to secure their network infrastructure against these cybersecurity threats. According to Statista, “Spending in the cybersecurity industry reached around 40.8 billion U.S. dollars, with forecasts suggesting that the market will eclipse 43 billion by 2020 as the best-case scenario, taking into account the coronavirus (COVID-19) impact.”

Apple iOS 14 will hurt Ads Online

Apple will soon release its new stable version of iOS 14 next month that includes features like a stunning user interface, making it much easier for the user to navigate in-between applications and properties. They will also roll out the more secure and private browsing in managing the applications. A new and improved home screen widgets to choose from different sizes, arrangements, and Smart Stack you like.

Distance Learning using a Moodle LMS

In these uncertain times of pandemic, Learning Management System provides access to all of us specifically in the online learning resources for people who are studying and working remotely. The system functionality of e-learning platform like Moodle enables you to manage courses and assignments for the enhancement of students learning. It has an interactive module like discussion board, uploads, resources and messages, so it’s easy to get around for the first time. With this, the teachers can deliver meaningful interactions among the students.

Mozilla Firefox 79 is out for download!

Mozilla releases the latest stable version of the Firefox browser to help you get the most out for your browsing experience.

Black Mirrored: A Surge of false Facebook identity

BACOLOD CITY - Facebook investigations are underway over the apparent outrage of many users with duplicate or multiple false accounts.
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