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Why do we need a surveillance system?

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With increasing crime and anti-social elements, the security surveillance system can be a great help these days. From large scale organizations to small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to consider the accessibility of each security system.

Things to consider before installing a Security Surveillance System:

  • Type of cameras.
  • Positions of installation.
  • Network infrastructure layout.
  • Storage and server type.

Camera Locations

Each camera should be placed in an appropriate designated location to capture important videos. Those locations like main entrances, hallways, intersection points and exits where there is a high density of people moving around. Also, it can be installed in parking areas, perimeters and blind spots locations that require a high level of security to monitor and document moving instances in certain areas. 

Camera Type

The suitability of each camera depends on what makes them unique to stand the situations. The dome camera is one of the most commonly used indoor and outdoor some with IR night vision models. The bullet camera is mostly good for dim light situations and can be easily mounted to walls, this requires long-distance viewing. The pinhole camera is simply a small hole like you would make with the tip of a pin, particularly installed in a location without being detected. The LPR cameras are used to read car registration plates to help obtain more information in high-density traffic premises. The PTZ cameras stand for pan/tilt/zoom, allows you to tilt the camera viewing, up-down and left-right. Lastly, thermal cameras can be used during night time that shows the apparent surface temperature of the instance being measured.

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Storage Type

A security surveillance system requires a high amount of storage space depends on the camera resolutions, total number of cameras, type of cameras installed and length of video recording.

Video Management System

A software used to access video recordings, settings, configuration and scheduling. Videos can be transmitted over the network IP or can send as analog videos. The video management system usually used in CCTV are as follows: Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR) with built-in software on it, or a Software-Based Application like Milestones System Video Management Software or Genetic Systems installed in a physical storage server.

With this information, you will be able to check what’s the best fit for your business requirements.

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