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The Emerging Cloud Computing Supremacy

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The transition of cloud computing has become a key driving force in the business world today. Many services are moved in the cloud from on-premise data centers to cut costs and increase stability.

Those emerging cloud computing power entering a phase of standardization and compatibility for the past years. Whereas the cloud infrastructure allowing workloads to be more flexible in different devices.

I could still remember when I was teaching a decade ago, that this services take place from on-premise to cloud for the next five to ten years. Cloud providers like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure offers many services at low-cost, and many emerging cloud provider challengers follow.

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In the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, the cloud provider offers network infrastructure with a high-speed connection between different data centers or availability zone across the world. The services either server-based or serverless, and the cloud providers provide provisioning resources so that the customer can deploy or leverage the running applications, databases, or operating systems.

The next offering is the Platform-as-a-Service model (PaaS) where the customer can deploy into the cloud infrastructure, either created or acquired applications. The customer does not manage the infrastructure but they have control all over the applications and services. For example, in Amazon Web Services you can deploy MySQL in the cloud using the fully managed service called AWS Aurora that manages all the resources.

While in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the customer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure instead they have limited specific application priveledges. For example using Google GSuite, Office 365, Salesforce, and other Enterprise Resource Planning software that runs on the vendor or cloud provider servers sold through subscription and delivered as a service over the internet.

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There are many established services also offered “as-a-Service” models like Database-as-a-ServiceSecurity-as-a-ServiceFunctions-as-a-Service and Malware-as-a-Service, and many more in the coming years.

Some tech companies like Netflix are using AWS services, “which eventually decided to shut all of its data centers in a final move to the cloud in 2016 according to the computer world”. While LG CNS migrated to cloud for “data analytics solution, with Google AI and Edge TPU, will provide a great value for LG CNS customers in the smart factory arena, according to Google Cloud customer report”.

All cloud providers offer free tier packages for a year and “always-free” with a strict usage limit, allowing customers to try it before they buy.

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