Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Apple iOS 14 will hurt Ads Online

Apple will soon release its new stable version of iOS 14 next month that includes features like a stunning user interface, making it much easier for the user to navigate in-between applications and properties. They will also roll out the more secure and private browsing in managing the applications. A new and improved home screen widgets to choose from different sizes, arrangements, and Smart Stack you like.

Market Share Worldwide by StatCounter Global Stats
Market Share Worldwide by StatCounter Global Stats

As we all know Facebook dominates revenue in advertising, primarily makes money by selling advertisement space on its various platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and many to mention. The ads are being displayed on its social networking site and other applications, then target the users by tracking their online activities.

Google advertisement system will somehow be affected by these new privacy features of iOS 14 limiting browsers data from being captured and to prevent apps from tracking user’s activity.

These applications will be able to keep track of your activity and find your personal information such as location, age, gender and more. The influenced user or consumer is then spending money with the advertiser on products making a great opportunity to the advertiser to target you in more ads online.

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