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Distance Learning using a Moodle LMS

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In these uncertain times of pandemic, Learning Management System provides access to all of us specifically in the online learning resources for people who are studying and working remotely. The system functionality of e-learning platform like Moodle enables you to manage courses and assignments for the enhancement of students learning. It has an interactive module like discussion board, uploads, resources and messages, so it’s easy to get around for the first time. With this, the teachers can deliver meaningful interactions among the students.

Let’s see how to customize a Teacher account module.

Teacher’s Profile Customization.

Your teacher profile is available to your students, so you have to fill in the required information about yourself.

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Go to the upper right corner of the page and select Profile. You will be able to edit personal information, add photos, and create an introduction about yourself.

Creating Learning Materials

By default courses are then displayed in the dashboard: you can add new units, contents, quizzes, and other resources. To start with, you must enable the Turn Editing On in the upper right corner otherwise contact your system administrator to enable it for you.


To start the content creation of the courses kindly select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu. 

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Add an Activity or Resource

In the below right corner select Add an activity or resource section, this will open the pop-up window. Currently, there are 15 types of activities and 7 types of resources to choose from.


After you selected a type of activity or resource you’d like to use, then click the Add button. Next, you can set the timings for the submission of assignments or resources. To submit you’ll need to specify what format: either online text or file submission and specify the number of files and size.


To view all the participants enrolled under your class click the Participants in the main menu. In this section, you will be able to create a group to separate participants, manage privileges, audit logs, or enroll students in a course.

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Communicate with Students using Chat System

This section tells you how to send a message using the Moodle chat system to a single or a specific group of students. 


As you click the chat icon on the course page you see three options divided into starred messages, groups, and private. Lastly, a teacher can send a message to the course participants at the same time. 

For you to experience this e-learning platform, kindly visit the Moodle demo page https://moodle.org/demo. Moodle is FREE and allows you to teach as many students as you wish, making it incredibly easy to integrate with other educational solutions.

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