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Fatal turn of events: Son of would-be slay victim help thwart pa’s killing, stabs killer’s bro to death

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Roberto Montevilla was supposed to be dead yesterday morning in the southern Negros city of Himamaylan.

His would be assassin, Charlie Canieso, already had a gun to his head but in a fatal turn of events, the killer ended up being killed.

Himamaylan police prober Lieutenant Darryl Kuhutan told DNX Canieso was already pointing the gun at Montevilla’s head near noontime, 3 August 2022,at the old market area in Barangay (Village) 2 when a “bystander” who saw the incident flicked Canieso’s arm at about the same time the gun fired.

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Instead of hitting Montevilla, Ronald Gabe, a tricycle driver who happened to pass by, was hit in the left arm.

Kuhutan added Roberto, and his son, Richard, ganged up on Charlie and beat him up while Clint John ran away.

Bystanders whom Kuhutan believed were friends or relatives of the Montevillas allegedly helped in punching Charlie.

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Kuhutan said Clint John went back to help Charlie but fled upon seeing him getting beaten up.

Richard chased Clint John, however, and stabbed him under the left armpit.

Charlie was apprehended by the police but his firearm remained missing as Kuhutan believed it was taken by Roberto’s alleged friends or relatives who created the commotion at the scene.

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A few hours later, Clint John was reported to have been brought to the hospital where he eventually died.

Richard Montevilla remains at large.

Charlie and Clint John Canieso are both from Purok (sub-village) 7, Barangay (village) 1 in Himamaylan while Roberto and Richard are from Sitio Lag-it, Village 3 of the same city.

Kuhutan said their initial probe showed Charlie had personal grudges against Roberto but the full report has yet to be disclosed as the investigation is on-going.

It is also still being investigated if revenge was Richard’s motive for stabbing Clint John.

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Rikki Lyn Dela Cruz
Rikki Lyn Dela Cruz
DNX intern reporter.
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