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UPDATE: PUMs at 1970, 3 new confirmed cases

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The total number of PUMs since the start of monitoring last 2 February has now reached 1970, the March 27 figures from City Health Office reveals.

Of the number 725 have completed home quarantine, while the rest are ongoing.

Five have gone from PUM to PUI with mild symtoms.

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Three new confirmed cases have been recorded, bringing to total number of those tested positive to four.

The three new ones include a 75-year-old male, with a co-morbid condition, and travel history to Manila; a 40 yr old male, hypertensive, with travel history to Manila, and 28 year old male, with exposure to Patient 1.

Patient 1 is waiting for result of second swab.

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The number of those currently admitted and isolated is 9 (4 females, 5 males).

Total specimens sent is 27 with the following: four positive (confirmed), 16 negative, seven pending.

Testing was not done in two PUIs due to inavailability of swab kits at the time they were admitted and having symptoms.

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All patients are in stable condition.

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