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“Niece” (dust)pans aunt, lost things and other small happenings

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – A 63-year-old woman complained to the desk officer of Police Station 7 that her “niece,” as identified in the blotter, named Patrick Henry, and his companion, a woman, ganged up on her at Roadside 1 sub-village in Brgy. Alijis.

It was 7:45 in the morning of November 24, she said, when Patrick Henry grabbed her and “held both hand (sic)” while his companion “by the use of a dustpan” hit her, “beaten the complainant hitting at her left hand and her leg.”

She also claimed that the day before, Patrick Henry was “stoning her house” while allegedly stoned by “intoxicating liquor.”

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Meanwhile, three women all reported missing or stolen belongings in various parts of the city.

At Station 1, Luisa Gabuelo, 69, complained that she found her bag was slashed open by an unknown thief when she got off a public jeepney.

She lost two wallets with various identification documents and a small amount of cash.

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Rizalina Oghayon, 74, reported a lost bag to policemen.

She said she placed the bag inside a sack inside a stall at the Bacolod Central Market only to discover that it was gone.

She believes it was stolen.

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Rona Salbatona, 32, meanwhile, was inside a fastfood joint across the plaza when she found outvthat her passport was gone.

It might have slipped out of her bag, she told police.

While the three lost their belongings, a young man in Bata village was grabbed by the jaw, threatened with a screwdriver amd punched by a man who lost his cool.

The blotter tells the context as such: that on or about 5:35pm of November 24, 2019 while he was walking at Roselawn Memorial Park, Brgy. Bata… wherein unidentified male person on board a vehicle Mitsubishi L300 van, color white… with furious blowing of horn and stop beside him and step down, confronting him to quote “Maano ka gid haw?”

It added: “furthermore complainant disclosed that misunderstanding ensued of them, that he apologized of what he did considering that the way is not wide, but said subject person continued being angry to the complainant…”

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Darlwin Sales
Darlwin Sales
Darlwin is a writer and correspondent for DNX. A promising budding journalist, he used to cover crime stories and now has expanded to feature stories about sports, culture, politics and life in general.
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