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Kaishek’s last breakfast: coffee and pan de sal


By Julius D. Mariveles and Richard D. Meriveles

BACOLOD CITY – Robert L. Tan was rushing home to check on the rice he was cooking.

But Kaishek, as he was called, never got home.


While passing through Greensville 1 Subdivision, two men on a motorcycle overtook his sedan, one pulled out a gun, aimed at the driver’s side window, and fired.

Raymund Cantere interviewed by DNX. | Photo by Richard D. Meriveles
Raymund Cantere interviewed by DNX. | Photo by Richard D. Meriveles

The spot report of Police Station 4 said he was travelling west.

“The motorcycle (sic) fired six times which led to its instantaneous death,” it added.

It was 9:45am.

Raymund Cantere was squatting on the roadside holding back the tears when DNX arrived, like him, way after the curious onlookers, paramedics and other reporters had rushed to the scene.


He was sniffling.

He was raised by Kaishek, he said.

Kaishek brought and had pan de sal and coffee with Raymund’s wife’s parents and siblings in Villa Angeles but he forgot to turn off the stove for the rice he was cooking.

In between wiping away tears, Raymund described Kaishek as a good boss, one who raised him even if he was not in any way related to him.

“He told me he had nothing to fear, that he had nothing to do with drugs,” he said.


Then he cried.

“The killing continues but the ones who are getting killed are innocent,” Raymund said as he looked at the spot where his boss car was.

“He helped poor people, he was generous,” he said.

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