Friday, May 20, 2022
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IN FULL: Statement of Vice Mayoralty candidate, Atty. Caesar Distrito on the libelous remark of El Cid Familiaran

Since day one, I have been a victim of fake news and black propaganda, including my family.

I have been relentlessly maligned, ridiculed by troll and real accounts in social media and even the paid barkers in the radio from morning, afternoon until evening. Who is behind all of these? Of course everyone knows that those are coming from the other camp. We know how they operate.

Even Elcid’s wife and son were posting libelous and below the belt posts pertaining me, the reason why I had filed and will be filing cyber libel and other cases.

Trolls are so unstoppable in their bullying and shaming warfare against me, but am i entertaining them? Of course not! They even posted so many fake pictures, but am I responding to them? Of course not! Now as they are encountering such matter, they are complaining, but sure, that is their right.

However, by saying, “INDI KAMI MAG BULAG. INDI KAMI MAG BULAG. KAY VM ELCID LANG KAMI” (We will not go to the blind candidate. We will not go to the blind candidate. We are only for El Cid!) is a clear violation of the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability for vilification and public ridicule.

It is also a libelous statement as it is a mockery of my disability. With that, I will also exercise my right to seek legal actions.

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