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How to make Biscocho in 5 steps by Merzci Pasalubong

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Do you know how Negros Occidental’s very own delicacy is made inside the factory?

BISCOCHO – A spanish word that means biscuit, a twice baked pastry — crunchy, sweet and a delicious treat perfect for every meryenda.

Paired with tea or coffee, you can never go wrong with the Biscocho of Merzci.
but do you know how it is made?

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Here’s how inside the Merczi Pasalubong factory in Bacolod City.

  1. Mixing the ingredients

    mixing the ingredients

    First, the dry and wet ingredients are mixed together in a spiral mixer for about 5 to 7 minutes to create a dough.

  2. Refining the dough

    refining the dough

    Next is the roller, we make sure the dough mixture is fine and crop air is reduced in this process

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  3. Slicing the dough

    slicing the dough

    The dough sheet goes directly to the incrusting machine for equal slicing.

  4. Proofing


    This is when the pastry stays inside a steaming room for more than 2 hrs.

  5. Baking


    It will then be baked, sliced, coated with a milky glaze and then baked once more.

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Watch also the video on How to make biscocho.

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