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How to Register in Bacolod BaCTraC in 5 easy steps

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What is Bacolod BaCTrac?

The Bacolod BaCTrac Contact Tracing System or CCTS is a web-based and mobile-based app developed for efficient contact tracing of confirmed COVID-19 positive patients in the city and, consequently, allows the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Task Force to easily locate people suspected of having contact with COVID-19 patients. (READ: BaCTrac updates system; receives complaints of slow response time)

BacTrac ID

What are the steps?

Total time reading 5 minutes

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  1. Go to the website

    Using your internet browser, go to the Bacolod Bactrac websitebacolod bactrac website by bacolod city government

  2. Click the REGISTER link

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    Click “For Bacolod Citizens / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER“.citizens

  3. Fill out the Form

    Fill out the Citizen Registration Form. When done, click REGISTER.registration form for bacolod bactrac id

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  4. Print out

    Print out the BaCTrac Card with a QR Code.bactrac id for printing

  5. For mobile users

    If using a cellphone, you may take a screenshot and hit save.bacolod bactrac mobile screenshot


  • 1×1 photo


  • Smartphone
  • Desktop Computer

Materials: Smartphone Desktop Computer


How to recover backtrack ID

Refer to this video to recover your Bactrac ID or go directly to this link.how to recover bactrac id

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