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Fifty percent of PUIs test negative for COVID 19


BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – Two-hundred eight persons under investigation (PUIs) tested negative of COVID-19, according to DOH, as of 12 February.


A total of 408 patients were already investigated in the country since the start of the outbreak.

Three were confirmed positive of the virus, while 197 PUIs are still waiting for the results.


Globally, there are already 45,171 cases confirmed, according to WHO, as of 12 February.

In China, 44,730 patients tested positive of the virus with 97 new deaths, a total of 1,114 in the country.

Fourty-six new confirmed cases were recorded outside China, a total of 441, still, with two deaths.

Nine PUIs remain in Western Visayas.

Currently, there are no PUIs in Bacolod.


WHO changed the name of the virus from 2019-nCoV to COVID-19; CO for ‘corona’, VI for ‘virus’, and D for disease.

According to the officials of the organization, they want to name the virus without referring to a geographical location, an animal, or a group of people.

Jose Aaron C. Abinosa
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