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Calatrava killer possibly known to slain private guard

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Police in the northern Negros town of Calatrava 90 kilometers north of here said the killer who rode shotgun on a private guard found dead last week could have been known to the victim.

Town police chief, Major Lumyaen Lidawan, said the backriding suspect who killed Ely Marcellana, man whose body was found along the roadside of Minapasuk Village could possibly be known to the victim himself, as he reportedly rode on the victim’s motorcycle up until Minapasok where the victim’s body was left.

Lidawan said the killer, however, remains at large.

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Marcellana 37, of Ga-as in Hinab-ongan, village worked as a private security guard for six months and never had any problems at his job that could lead to his murder, he added.

Personal grudge could be one of the possible motive that killed Marcellana according to the police.

Initial investigation revealed that Marcellana was driving a motorcycle with an unidentified companion who shot him at close range when they reached Minapasok.

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Police released photos of the victim with his left eye all bulging out of the socket. Two spent 9mm shells were found in the crime scene while the killer fled using the victim’s motorcycle.

Murder charges will be filed against the killer once he or she is nabbed.

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