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Bacolod leads in CoViD deaths in WV, with 312 active local transmissions

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Data from the Western Visayas Department of Health also show that currently, Bacolod has had 15 CoVid-related deaths, the highest in the region, overtaking Iloilo City.

With 613 total cases since start of monitoring, this pegs Bacolod’s Case Fatality Rate (CFR) at 2.44 percent.  The World Health Organization computes the CFR by dividing the number of deaths over the total number of cases, multiplied by 100.

The nationwide CF rate, on the other hand, is at 1.66%, as the Philippines has a total of 2,883 deaths so far, with 178,022 cases as of yesterday, 20 August 2020.

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Roughly nine out of the 10 active cases in Bacolod, meanwhile, are local transmissions.

Of the 351 current active cases, 312 are local transmissions, while 39 are LSI/ROF/APOR.  The higher number of local transmission could be because of a moratorium in the entry of LSI/ROF in the city.

One hundred ninety-four (or 55%) of the cases are currently under facility quarantine, while 134 (or 38 percent) are under home quarantine.  Twenty-three cases (or seven percent) are still admitted.

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Meanwhile, a total of 247 (or 40.29 percent of the total cases) have recovered.

Negros Occidental, meanwhile, has 868 total cases, according the data from the regional DOH.  Of the number 618 are LSI/OFW/APOR while 250 are local.  

Of the number, 423 (48.73%) have recovered.

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The province currently has 438 total cases; 234 of these cases (or 53%) are LSI/ROF/APOR, while 204  (47 percent) are local transmissions.

Three hundred eighty-four of the active cases (88 %) are currently facility-quarantined, while 27, are home quarantined.  The rest are still admitted.

The province currently has seven death, or a case fatality rte of .8 percent.

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