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DOH 6: Babies as young as 2-years-old should not wear masks

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines — Babies as young as two years old and below should not be allowed to wear masks, and should be made to use a face shield instead.

An advisory from the Department of Health Western Visayas said babies two years old and below run the risk of suffocation when wearing masks.

Babies Mask 1

The DOH said for one, babies’ airways are smaller, “so breathing through a mask is even harder on them”.

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Masks are also scary for babies, as it increases the risk of suffocation.

“Masks are harder to breath through,” the advisory said, adding, “a snug fit will give them less access to air, and the loose fit will not provide much protection.”

Babies Mask 2

Third, infants would have a hard time taking off their masks if they are having a hard time breathing, and therefore could suffocate.

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Babies should instead be made to wear a fitted face shield as an alternative.

Babies Mask 3
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