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12-year-old paddler spins to greater heights

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He is at an age when his skills are starting to show.

Most of us are, as 12 years old, starting to see our potential as an athlete, a writer, a singer, a dancer.

For 12-year-old Abraham Sellado, son of Bacolod natives Alvin Sellado and Erlyn May Bomban, both nurses working in the United Kingdom, he amped the expectations up to eleven by not just showing his full potential as a table tennis player but grabbing accolades along the way.

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And how.

At a tender age of 12, he won his first senior title by besting 50 other players in the games.

Sellado, a ninth seed when he entered this year’s tournament, earned the distinction of being the youngest Halifax Table Tennis champion as he bested the Top Three seeds in a performance that local media there described as “stunning”.

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Just two weeks before clinching the Halifax title, he ranked second in a European training camp held in the Czech Republic.

Sellado, according to the website Tablet Tennis 365, beat top-seeded Shaun Ellis, 3-1.

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