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Why DNX?

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Everything now is digital.

Everyone is going online.

A new dress, a bottle of vitamin supplements, a camera, a kitchen appliance – you can get all these with a just a keyboard and a wi-fi connection (and a healthy credit limit).

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Why have newspapers delivered to your offices when you can just navigate the world wide web?

Even karma has gone digital. So should news.

The Digital News Exchange (DNX) is a digital-first online paper, the first of its kind in Negros Island that covers hyperlocal news through multimedia which can be accessed across all platforms.

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The DNX team.
The DNX team.

DNX focuses on hyperlocal news, not national, not international. This means news that is relevant to the immediate community – specifically Bacolod and Negros Occidental – with emphasis on oft-neglected angles on major stories.

The longest-running city mayor, the ordinary Bacolodnons’ favorite brands and haunts, the movies that the average Negrosanon enjoys watching, the number of barangays affected by dengue, the voting pattern of your neighborhood – all these and more will be covered and highlighted by DNX.

DNX also fuses old and new technology by using multimedia – or multiple media – through text, visuals, audio, podcast, video, infographics, animation, photos, and film.

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These would all combine to give richness to the hyperlocal stories.

DNX also will also utilize and can be accessed through multiple platforms.

The online paper maximizes online and digital apps from microblogging sites, to photo- and video-sharing sites, to audio and video streaming sites, to websites.

This will ensure that the news and information will reach more people as potential audience.

What is DNX?

It is a news organization focused on delivering news. And not just any news.

In DNX it is not just about the WHAT HAPPENED, and WHO ARE INVOLVED, and WHERE IT HAPPENED. Here, it is also about WHY IT HAPPENED, and HOW IT HAPPENED.

DNX is a brand that interrogates news, explains social phenomena, peels off layers from a complex narrative, makes sense of issues, and digs deep into a story by providing context for its audience. DNX does that with an editorial team trained to tell stories through a variety of forms and styles – features, investigative news, opinions, editorials – by deftly combining the discipline of pen-and-paper journalism, journalistic research, and digital technology.

Why DNX?

One word: Post-truth. Scholars and experts have coined the term to describe the era upon which the phenomenon of “alternative facts” and “fake news”, a phenomenon abetted by the democratization – and unstoppable growth — of social media.

Troll accounts, historical revisionism, fake websites, unverified stories that are almost tabloid fodder are all realities that threaten the journalistic integrity.

That is why DNX is here. DNX offers you quality content, factual, good old journalism through the use of multimedia. Because in DNX, we don’t just deliver news, we tell stories. And it is not OUR stories, it’s YOURS.

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Writer. Critic. Professor. She started writing since primary school and now has two published textbooks on communication. A film buff, she's a Communication, Media Literacy and Journalism Professor of the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, and has a Master's Degree in English.
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