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Rice Tarriffication: Bane or Boon?

With DNX Research If you are an avid social media user, you often see the phrase ‘Rice Tarrification Law’ associated with Senator Cynthia Villar, but...

Himos ni Kulas: Celebrating diversity

The earliest memory of Mayor Neil Lizares as a kid growing up in Talisay was slurping down hot broth with pork dumplings cooked and made by...

Of rotors and rebels

SOMEWHERE IN NEGROS ISLAND (1996, around 8:30, morning) The sound of helicopter rotors slicing through the air was dull at first, like a pakang...

From reel to real: Designated Survivor

With DNX Research What is a “designated survivor”? Does one exist in real life? Since media reported that Senator Panfilo Lacson came up with a...

Remembering Nanay

She was angry, and tired. She would then declare, "I will be going back to Bacolod, and never I will return in Mindanao!"

Who is DNX?

The Digital News Exchange is a fusion of old and new technology. This, too, is the reality behind the people who compose DNX.

Why DNX?

Everything now is digital. Everyone is going online.
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