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Tourism slowed, but starting to pick up in La Castellana

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – The CoViD-19 might have slowed down the tourism industry a little but is has now started to pick up since the pandemic, La Castellana Mayor Rhumyla Nicor Mangilimutan told DNX.

“We really cannot deny that there has been an increase in tourism activity [before the pandemic struck],” Mangilimutan said.

But, she said, things are slowly gearing up, albeit with restrictions.

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“The tourism industry has really been affected because movements are limited, but for now, our tourist spots have opened, although with health and safety protocols strictly in place,” she said.

Mayor Rhumyla Nicor Mangilimutan. | DNX file photo.
Mayor Rhumyla Nicor Mangilimutan. | DNX file photo.

She revealed that she had also talked to business owners regarding health and safety protocols for operations.

The mayor also said collections have also slowed down, especially taxes, since business owners have been asking to waive payment because of the pandemic.

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But, Mangilimutan said, things are expected to pick up soon.

“Even before the pandemic, we already had a development plan…. we are trying our best so that our development plans push through,” she said.

The mayor said the tourism – especially international tourists – has been helping the economy; more influx of tourists means more income for the local economy and business.

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“Business might have slowed, but we are definitely pushing on,” she added.

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  1. Has the check point at crossing Taburda been lifted, its so exasperating to be just turned away after travelling for an hour.


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