Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Provincial poll chief outlines guidelines for May 9

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines— Negros Occidental provincial Commission on elections acting supervisor, Lawyer Roberto Salazar reminded voters of the guidelines they need to observe in accordance with the COMELEC rules.

With 13 days left before the election kicks off, the COMELEC once again outlines some of its instructions and this includes the prohibited 30 meter-radius range from polling precinct inside voting center beyond 7 P.M. deadline.

The lawyer’s reminder also stressed on the priority lane for the frontliners, Persons with disability (PWD), senior citizens, and pregnan women.

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The voting will start at 6:00 in the morning as this will also follow the first come first serve basis.

To ensure the votes are being counted, the lawyer said people should fully shade the oval where their candidate’s name is listed

Also not allowed are bringing in of ballots outside the premises, to intetionally tearing ballots, and taking picture of their ballots to be posted on social media.

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Election penalties according to him will include 1-6 years imprisonment

Salazar also denies allegations claiming that the ballots are pre shaded as these are being supervised by poll workers

If such case however happens, Salazar said this should be reported in their office.

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Mira Nicole Magbanua
Mira Nicole Magbanua
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