Thursday, May 23, 2024
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JUVENTUS | United we stand, divided we fall

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The world now is being confronted with the pandemic we call as Corona Virus Disease-19 or commonly known as Covid-19. This has caused many deaths in several countries in the globe including the Philippines and also in Bacolod City, the place where I live. The movement of the people are restricted, since the spread of such virus could be transmitted through droplets which more likely to spread faster if people will keep on moving.

Malls, markets, pharmacies, hospitals, private and public agencies, hotels, restaurants, resorts, movie houses, playgrounds, parks, churches operate with certain limitations and some are completely restricted. This pandemic really turns this world around.

Life now, with this pandemic is really difficult; everyone is confronted with poverty due to lack of income since employment are partially suspended and there are also some who actually lost their work.

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Meanwhile, the world rests, busy streets are out, malls and resorts are silent, many people are being with their families at home, no more party nights, no more loud and chaotic side street bars and the ozone layer is recovering.

Most people now rely on their faith and strength from God. While there are some who’s busy looking for who to blame what and what to blame who, without them realizing that it isn’t the best time to be pointing fingers because no one has prayed for this and it even leads us all astray.

This is the time to actually work together for the common good, to reach out, to help flatten the curve.

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Everyone today has a role to take, our future now depends on our capacity to work with others because this is not anymore a battle for one or two; this is no longer a struggle for the government alone, for the health sectors or for some private sectors only, but this is something we need to be worked on together to flatten the curve; more than just to think of something spontaneous and permitted, let’s think of something that could save lives.

Everything that’s happening now is like an eye-opener to most people because we learn to value more our health and get to spend more time to the people that matter to us.

With the pandemic, I have realized a lot in life; that everything and everyone in this world lives as much as the time God gave them, there are people fortunate with second chances and there are some who live like they were born yesterday and die today.

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While time is gold, life is more luxurious that anything else.

Life is pretty remarkable and dreadful, but with the amazing and horrific there is the ordinary in between and most of the time, the ordinary is the very thing that keeps us alive and is keeping us full in living.

I hope that in these ordinary moments we share with the pandemic, we get to learn to value respect in our authority, understanding to our health workers, compassion to our frontliners, and love to our bothers and sisters.

This pandemic has destroyed many lives yet gives hope to humanity.

Our resiliency is being tested by experiencing the Covid-19, and many opted to be strong for others, many learned how to share, a lot of us values our health and almost everyone is taking time with their loved ones.

There is humanity in these times of grief, there is love in these times of sadness, there is hope because there is God.

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Ayesha Joy Villaflor
Ayesha Joy Villaflor
Currently the Sangguniang Kabataan President in Bacolod, Ayesha is actively involved in youth advocacies. The young leader also loves cats and dogs, and enjoys listening to jazz music.
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