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JUVENTUS | Sure-vival tips for students

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It is easier to say, “It is easier said than done,” than to actually do what is said until it is done.

To be a student and to write about what is essential for survival is a Survival Challenge itself. To survive, requires a set of flexible and carefully thought upon rules and steps to give a sense of assurance to our Humanly instinct.

Being a student in this Health Pandemic Crisis is full of uncertainty. You may have a difficult learning task today that is due on the day or a moderate learning task that is due the next day, week or month.

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You may have a stable internet connection this hour and have very unstable and erratic connection the next hour accompanied by irritating power interruptions.

Tuition fee is never cheap — that’s the obvious glaring truth that our Academic Sponsors always remind us about every time we go to school and attend our class.

Is school about survival? How do you ensure survival? Is Surviving a way of suffering with meaning?

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“School is not about learning anymore, it is about passing .”

The statement is what I would often hear and read in conversations in School and in Social Media.

My question is ‘How would you pass, if you do not learn how to pass?’

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Submit the requirement and that grade will be given to you; search and the answer will be found. Discuss and you will learn to go in peace with your Modules.

Submitting the requirements is as important as requiring yourself to rest. Rest a little and perform a little; rest an hour and do an hour of work.

Work hard and rest hard. Find room in your heart for early morning sunshine and fresh morning breeze. When we are inside our home we are aware that “Sol” (the name of the Sun) is there but we rarely cherish its presence.

Take time to wake up with Sol and take a dose of early morning sunshine breeze; it will truly brighten up your day because it is the purpose of Sol to give light to the dark and to let life spark.

Searching is for the soul to rejuvenate and seeking answers is essential for discovery. Boredom and procrastination are formidable forces. Dissipate that force and utilize it for discovering answers to questions or else Judeath (due date) will haunt you. Research and read, join webinars and online seminars that will help you succeed.

Most are for free. Ask your classmates and colleagues about their experience and you might just discover that you are already learning and smiling while thinking.

Discussion, is accomplishment and research fused into one reality. Discussing with your classmates and colleagues opens the Third Eye of knowledge in you. It allows you manifest the knowledge that was infused within the Modules and Readings that was imparted for you to digest.

Print that module, handout, article, and acquire that book so that you may discuss it to yourself without dependence on battery life, electricity and internet/data connection. Some may argue that the old can never compete with the new but the old is just as good as the new, for the new would not exist if it weren’t for the old.

Discipline is the key to survival. Without discipline, survival is a long way to ensuring your sure-vival. Learn and study well not only for your parents and relatives to be proud of you; learn and study well so that you can help and assist your fellow classmates who are eager to continue studying but does not have the means to enroll this current Academic Year.

“Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction,” as Newton’s Law would say and “Every Opposite reaction has a Corresponding reason” as I would say to complement it.

“Too much optimism without action is daydream; too much Reality without action is nightmare; being realistically optimistic without action is lucid dreaming.”

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Miggy Yulo
Miggy Yulo
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