Friday, May 20, 2022
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IN FULL: Statement of Vice-Mayor El Cid Familiaran on the fake news spread by a certain “Felice Caroline (Anne Mateos)

My family and I, as well as our GP supporters, had the biggest laugh of our lives yesterday after receiving an FB link that directed us to the account of a certain “Felice Caroline (Anne Mateos)”.

In her post, the account owner, with the very high probability of being a troll, published an old picture of me and former Councilor Caesar Distrito with a caption claiming that I have decided to support the latter after hearing of the “kanami kag kamayo nga plano” of his camp for Bacolod.

This is my message to the person managing the troll account, “Felice Caroline (Anne Mateos)”: Stop spreading fake news. Stop your lies. Wake up from your grand delusions.

If you believe your candidate has what it takes to be a Vice Mayor, campaign based on his platform or programs.

In closing, let me underscore my strong conviction time and again: I am not a traitor. I have no reason to turn my back and leave Mayor Bing Leonardia and Grupo Progreso. I will not betray the trust of the good people of Bacolod, who had supported me as a public servant all these years.

So stop your black propaganda and your old school tactics of campaigning. Stick to the issues and be a man enough. Get real. Don’t hide under the name “Felice Caroline (Anne Mateos).”

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