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HomeFeaturesHOMEGROWN | Bacolod Grocery Cart: Grocery shopping without leaving your home

HOMEGROWN | Bacolod Grocery Cart: Grocery shopping without leaving your home

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You must have heard of Instacart, or Peapod, or MetroMart.

For really busy professionals, it is a breath of fresh air, a breather, a break from demanding work hours. Imagine never having to worry if there’s still brown rice in the pantry, or eggs on the larder or just some Gosh-darn cooking oil in the kitchen cabinet.


And now, with a pandemic raging, people are now reliant or dependent on food deliveries — the less chances of interacting with an actual live person who might be carrying the virus, be better.

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Enter Bacolod Grocery Cart.

Conceptualized and operated by Charlotte May Juplo, the enterprise offers delivery, and grocery-shopping services for thode too wary about the virus, and too weary about going out.

“I had an epiphany while thinking about how the pandemic was changing lives, changing patterns on how we do daily chores,” she tells DNX.

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Grocery shopping — with a city under varying degrees of lockdown — can be an inconvenience.

“The concept seeks to address these issues [by] putting back convenience in the way we shop for our daily needs,” she says.

Bacolod Grocery Cart offers people the convenience of staying at home while somebody else does the shopping for them — great combination, really, of taking a rest without neglecting familial obligations.

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All that the customer has to do to craft grocery list, provide contact details, and pay via bank transfer or cash on delivery.

“It’s very easy and convenient,” Charlotte says.

And darn safe too.

For more details, go to Bacolod Grocery Cart’s official Facebook Page.

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