Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Guest Article: Understanding our government in these dark times By Atty. Jesus V. Hinlo Jr.

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If we put ourselves in PRRDs shoes, PRRD at the time when he announced the ECQ in Luzon plus his guideline to the country, wanted to comfort the fears of the people as to its economic impact by assuring us that Gov’t. has the money to feed the hungry during the ECQ. That was the correct way to convince us to cooperate with the ECQ needed to effectively combat COVID 19. Gov’t needed to persuade us to stay home to avoid the transmission of the virus.

Yet, a 30 days ECQ might not be enough because there are uncontrolled factors to be considered that are undermining the effectiveness of the ECQ, such us:

  1. Non-cooperation of all to stay home;
  2. Return of thousands of OFWs who might be sick of COVID 19 or who won’t follow the 14 days home quarantine period;
  3. The funds approved by Congress might not be enough for a longer period because some in the middle-class wants to be included in the budget for assistance. To me, a middle-class who is now out of work & without savings is no longer a middle class but is now a NEW POOR. Hence, the need for the Gov’t. assistance; &
  4. Outside the 4Ps & those already issued CASHCARDS by the LANDBANK & the DBP under the DSWD & DA existing data as those qualified for assistance, there is an ACTUAL logistical problem for those considered as the NEW POOR & those not included in the 4Ps & DA data. Additional data takes time to be gathered by the DSWD with the help of the Barangays.

Please cooperate with Government & as what PRRD said, the Government’s resources is finite & have limits.

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Let us cooperate with Government.

For those who are rich & have extra, please help the poor, especially by helping your own employees & do stay home.

For those who have savings, please do not pressure the Gov’t. to be included in its financial assistance program & please stay home.

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For those who are poor & those who have no savings, do relay your situation to your Barangays & do stay home.

The earlier we defeat the virus, the earlier that the ECQ will end.

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