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DNX LIFESTYLE | GAMING | MLBB Magic Chess Review: A Clash for Little Commanders

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If there is one online game known to everyone today, it should be Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Released in 2016, MLBB has reached more than 100 million downloads as of this writing.

As a mainstream multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, MLBB is considered the number one MOBA game for smartphones played either solo or by groups even before it became an official E-sports in SEA Games 2019.

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I am not an expert MOBA gamer but I played MOBA games using smartphones and Mobile Legends is one of them. (READ also: Mobile Legends: The Smartphone Phenomenon)

I like Mobile Legends because it doesn’t limit the players to only the 5v5 brawl, classic, or rank mode games.

If you want to take a break from a winning or losing streak in rank games, stay in Mobile Legends as there are other games that you can play in.

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Mobile Legends comes with an arcade mode where more other different strategic games can be enjoyed like the Magic Chess.

Yes, it is derived from the original chess board game. But the rules and winning keys are modified. Unlike the chess game played by two players, Magic Chess is an eight-player strategy game with the goal of eliminating each other.

In the typical chess game, you have to defend the king but in Mobile Legends Magic Chess, you have to fight for the commander. (READ: Jobancom: A community of gamers for gamers)

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There are 10 commanders – actually little commanders – to choose from in the latest update.

You can have Ragnar, the greatest seal warrior alive, or Eva, a mysterious deer who is so curious about the world.

My favorite among them is Benny, the Panther warrior. Each commander has three abilities that you have to unlock by playing Magic Chess.

What makes Benny my favorite is his ability is to summon a beast that will help other heroes fight along with him in the Magic Chessboard.

To win the match, good strategy is vital.

In Magic Chess, you will be fighting with the Mobile Legends heroes against the other players. The decisive factor in playing is familiarizing the synergies to develop a good strategy and create a more robust line-up of strong heroes. You cannot just select your desired heroes since you have to pick from five heroes, which is randomly changed after every round.

The synergies that I prefer to trigger during the game are the Dragon Altar, Assassin, Mage, and Weapon Master. Heroes are grouped into different attributes of synergy. Though there is an in-game guide of the heroes and their respective attributes, it really is an advantage to familiarize them since there is a time limit in every selection. In the latest update, MLBB added a recommended line-up of heroes. I find it very helpful, especially in matches that heroes and their attributes don’t come along with each other.

Spend your gold coins wisely.

The gold is rewarded after every round, depending on your performance. It’s simple: if you win, you gain more golds; if you lose, you still get golds, but lesser, which may not be enough to upgrade your chosen commander.

Golds are used to boost the commander, buy heroes, and shuffle the random set of heroes.

Make sure that every gold you spent is spent strategically. For example, in upgrading the commander, I make sure that I have enough gold left to prepare for the next round. But, if my golds are not enough, I skip rounds in upgrading the commander because the cost will be lesser by two golds after each round.

If the commander’s maximum level is reached, you can deploy nine heroes in the Magic Chessboard.

In buying heroes in Magic Chess, you must be observant. Heroes can be upgraded up to the three-star level by obtaining the same heroes.

If you have three same heroes, it will be automatically upgraded to the two-star level.

If you have three same heroes that are two-star level, it will be upgraded to a three w, w_-star level hero.

So, you have to observe which heroes are always available in the shop. If you run out of gold, you can sell the heroes that you don’t need.

Another thing that you have to observe is the set of heroes of your opponents to know how to counter-attack them. Just visit their Magic Chessboard, and you will see how their lined-up heroes.

There are a lot of ways to strategize a sure win match. Mine is just one I’m used to in leveling up my rank in MLBB Magic Chess.

This might not work for everyone, but you can try to build your own techniques to win strategy games like Magic Chess. (READ: Degree in E-sports might make it to college institutions)

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Jessan M. Cabunsol
Jessan M. Cabunsol
A fresh graduate of BS Agriculture degree, Jessan is now teaching in one of the agriculture schools in Negros. He was a student writer. Today, playing mobile games is his hobby during break times. Cooking is his stress reliever, and he could be your drinking buddy. Jessan is an aspiring agripreneur.
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