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Distrito “slightly improving”; village chief still under sedated intubation

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Singcang-Airport village chief Rosinie Distrito’s condition has slightly improved, lawyer and former Councilor Caesar Distrito told DNX.

The village chief has been placed under sedated intubation days after contracting CoViD-19.

The former councilor said, however, that they remain hopeful as his brother, who is on ventilator, has slightly improved compared to yesterday as he no longer requires the maximum oxygen requirement.

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The former councilor, in his Facebook post, said his brother has been injected with the drugs Remdesevir, and tocilizumab (both anti viral and anti covid drugs).

“His oxygen level is still low,” he had said, adding that his brother’s condition is very “guarded” and needs round-the-clock observation by his team of doctors as he has developed pneumonia in both lungs.

His wife, Rho Anne Jade, is also in the same hospital for CoViD treatment.

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The councilor also asked for prayers for Rosinie and his wife, “so that they will survive and recover”.

“God knows kung ano kaboot, kapisan, mabinuligan kag mapinalanggaon klase utod, asawa, amay, kapitan, abyan, classmate si Rosinie (God knows how kind, hardworking, helpful, and loving brother, husband, father, captain, friend, and classmate Rosinie is). We know and (are) confident that God will not allow him to leave his four little girls, including his two two-year-old twins,” he added.

The former councilor said CoViD is a life-changing experience for his family.

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“It’s not a joke,” he said as he urged others to practice minimum health protocols by wearing masks and face shields, washing hands, and practicing social distancing, as well as staying at home at all times.

Drugs are really expensive, he said, and the hospitals are ovewhelmed with patients making treatment difficult.

Meanwhile, Association of Barangay Captains president Councilor Lady Gles Pallen told DNX that the village chieftains have organized a prayer brigade.

Rosinie is one of those included in their intentions.

Village 13 chieftain Andre Familiaran, meanwhile, said he is also one with the family of Rosinie as he hopes for their complete healing and recovery.

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