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Days of Tulfoing, hexing and vexing


BACOLOD CITY – Curses and threats were among the common complaints in several police stations here, with one case involving an alleged threat to be brought before the attention of popular Manila broadcaster Raffy Tulfo.

On November 15, Rube Pasigado, head of account services of the Bacolod Queen of Mercy told desk officer Police Staff Sgt. Joeny Alayon that a woman she named as Betty Mendoza, of Talisay City confronted her and said in Hiligaynon “you are fools, I will report you to Tulfo” and a whole lot more of words we have deemed unprintable.

Meanwhile, under the heading “embarass,” Jocelyn Morante of the sub-village of Pepsi in Brgy. Bata complained against Milagros Tavarra for serving a summon from village chief Lito Abaring, which she said caused “shame and discomfort on her school and families.”


In nearby Sawmill sub-village, Severino Maguate’s words cut more than a saw into Ricarido Agudo’s feelings when he allegedly shouted at him and called him “law-ay law-ay (very ugly),” and told him to keep his (Agudo’s) hands off his wife.

Still in the same station, an unknown texter bothered Rosemarie Capanas, 49, who told police she got a noontime text on September 9 that she suspects came from a man.

The sender accused her of having a lover who is an “operator” and, while she was pregnant, of having sex with a “Turko (common Hiligaynon term for Indians on motorcycles who loan money).”

The Hiligaynon word for sex was used in the message sent to her.

On the other hand, Rodolfo Parreno survived a drive-by slandering on November 11 in the national highway of Matab-ang village, Talisay City, which he reported to Station 3.


The slanderer, he claimed, was a driver of a public utility jeepney plying the Bata-Libertad route.

“You are a fool,” the driver allegedly told him that “caused shamed and discomfort on the part of the complainant,” the blotter said.

Meanwhile, an incident that, the blotter said “built fear and discomfort” for a 74-year-old woman happened in the village of Estefania.

Nena Azote claimed Edwin and Dina Gulmatico called her names and threatened to punch her.

darlwin sales
Darlwin Sales
Darlwin is a writer and correspondent for DNX. A promising budding journalist, he used to cover crime stories and now has expanded to feature stories about sports, culture, politics and life in general.


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