Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Facebook post sparks fight


BACOLOD CITY – A flurry of threats and counter-threats and an incident of actual bodily harm. All because of a Facebook post.

Couple Angel Zoniga and Rommel Paras, Jr., both 18, complained before Police Station 3 that Ryan Toriano beat up Porras after the latter attempted to return the cellphone to the former.

Toriano, according to the blotter report, kicked Porras twice on his back, and punched the back of his neck.


Earlier, Zoniga had posted a status on her FB account asking friends to locate Toriano.

According to Toriano, in a separate report before the same Station, Porras Jr threatened him via a text message. The message warned Toriano against showing up in Porras’ residence unless he wants to be harmed.

As a result, Porras’ partner Zoniga has received threats from Toriano’s family.


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