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COVID-19 vaccine a global common good now – NWTF

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Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate and world-renowned banker for the poor, appeals to join the cause of making Covid-19 vaccine a global common good, a press release from the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation said.

Professor Yunus during the First Social Business Youth Summit (co-presented by NWTF) Manila, Philippines last 22 to 23 March 2019. | Photo furnished by NWTF
Professor Yunus during the First Social Business Youth Summit (co-presented by NWTF) Manila, Philippines last 22 to 23 March 2019. | Photo furnished by NWTF

“No color, no borders, no social status; Covid-19 exempts no one. With more than 500,000 dead and 10 million cases around the world, this pandemic has affected everyone, and it will take all of us to find a solution to this problem at hand,” the press release said.

The NWTF press release added that the only way to move forward in this pandemic is for a safe vaccine to be made, one that is made available for all, especially the vulnerable sectors of society.

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“I believe that everyone should have access to the COVID19 vaccine, especially those who are in the marginalised sector,” NWTF Executive Director Suzzette Gaston said.

Gaston added that in times like this, everyone needs to work together and to share knowledge and resources regarding the virus.

Dungganon Bank President Corazon Henares expressed support for Yunus’ idea.

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“We agree that if everyone works together in harmony, by sharing ideas, resources and the knowledge they have, we will be part of the solution to this crisis, and be able to come up with the vaccine faster.” Henares added.

Clinical trials are done in several countries with hopes for a vaccine to finally be made.

But what is even more important than the vaccine, is for it to be made accessible to all.

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“Access to the vaccine is very important, and sadly not all will have this access. It should be shared with everyone to stop the further spread of the virus,” said NWTF chairman of the board, Maria Teresa “Bing” Montelibano.

NWTF and DBI believe in the importance of coming together for a common goal, thus, supports the call to make COVID-19 vaccine, a global common good.

“We also invite our friends, our partners and the rest of you, to join and support this noble cause, we need you, we need every help we can get, together we can make a whole lot of difference,” Gaston said.

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