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City loses one of its “brightest, fearless”

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Julius Mariveles and Mira Nicole Magbanua

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Lawyer, and civic and religious leader Lyndon P Caña passed away in a private hospital early morning today days after he was brought in for COVID.

He was 56.

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“He was one of the brightest councilors of the city,” Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, a fellow Church member of Caña, told DNX.

Caña, who won two three-year terms as councilor without any party, was described by Familiaran as “highly independent and fearless” but “reasonable.”

Followers and friends of the popular local legislator exchanged messages of sympathy on social media early today after news of his passing spread here.

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John Paul, a brother of Lyndon based in the United States, was the first relative to post a confirmation about his brother’s death.

“We long to hold you more, Nong Lyndon. But Jesus longs to hold you more. We’ll meet again,” he said in a post on his Facebook page.

“The nation and Negros lost a great man,” Andoni Valencia, a youth volunteer of Bangon Pilipinas movement whose leader, Eddie Villanueva, he and Caña campaigned for.

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Valencia added Caña “was the voice and epitome of (non traditional) politics; he was a comrade in the fight of Bangon Pilipinas to transform the nation through the principles of love for God and country… you will surely be missed” as he added “a salute to a life well lived, we will honor your memory by forging on the battle.”

“On his last few years, he spent it full time on preaching, his life was rooted for the church and mission work, since we were both raised in a christian family,” fellow lawyer and former council colleague Sonya Verdeflor said about Caña.

Former colleagues in the city council crossed party lines to praise Caña.

Al Victor Espino, then an ally of the current administration when he and Caña were together in the council, called him “Manong Lyndon,” manong being a term of respect for an older brother or a respected man.

“He was always a stallwart for fairness and has the respect for what the Sangguniang Panglungsod is, and he was a stickler fo the rules and for what is right in the SP.”

A fellw independent, Celia Flor, said Caña was a “conscientious person and a diligent councilor” who was “serious and really committed to his work.”

Fellow lawyer and sitting councilor Archie Baribar said he personally mourns the death of Cana who he described as “one of our hardworking, industrious and brilliant member of the previous council. Atty. Caña has shown us his diligence (and) has been recognized by the Philippine councilors’ league as one of the outstanding councilor of his time,” he said.

“He was a good and righteous man.

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