Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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HomeLocal NewsCindy Rojas lauds team for “miraculous” delivery in quarantine facility

Cindy Rojas lauds team for “miraculous” delivery in quarantine facility


This was how Councilor Cindy Rojas described what happened at the Education and Training Center School 4, when three of her staff members yesterday assisted in childbirth of one of the women quarantined in the school.

Rojas, in her Facebook account, said the woman was in quarantine at ETCS4 and was awaiting her swab results.  She went on labor however and gave birth to a baby boy today, before she can even get to the hospital.

Photo from Cindy Tan-Rojas Facebook account.
Photo from Cindy Tan-Rojas Facebook account.

Rojas praised her staff – identified only as Glenda, Yvonne and Flaviana – “who have no medical trainings whatsoever, but they managed to bring into this world baby Gabriel”.

“God certainly worked wonders in guiding the hands of these [three] women to be instrumental in helping the mother,” she said.

Rojas added that mother and baby are now in Riverside Medical Center, with Baby Gabriel, who was born prematurely, is in the Intensive Care Unit. The mother on the other hand in an isolation room awaiting results of swab test.

Hannah A. Papasin
Hannah A. Papasin
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