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CHO latest data on probable cases: 20 deaths, 23 currently admitted

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – There are 23 probable cases in Bacolod that are currently admitted, while the number of probable cases who died have now reached 20 since 17 March (first recorded death).

That means an average of at least two deaths every other day. The last five deaths happened in under a week, or roughly one death per day. All the new deaths have pending test results.

Data from the City Health Office revealed that as of 27 April the number of probables that died is climbing. Of the number, seven have pending results, 11 are “non-COVID mortality” and tagged as PUIs, while two are confirmed COVID-related (Patient 6, a 62-year-old female from Taculing, and Patient 8, a 69-year-old male from Villamonte with no travel history).

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Meanwhile, the 23 COVID and COVID-related cases admitted and in isolation in various medical facilities here include Patient 9, the latest Bacolod case from Banago, a 65-year-old female.

The number is part of the 120 total probable cases recorded since start of the monitoring. Of the number, 34 have been discharged, 43 are in home care, and 20 have died.

Data further show that Bacolod has nine cases so far. Five have recovered (Patients 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7, although Patient 3 is still admitted). Two have died, and one (Patient 5, from Taculing) tested positive on his re-test.

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Meanwhile, a total of 386 specimens have been sent to the lab since the start of monitoring last February. Of the number, 249 had been tested negative, with 127 having pending results. Nine tested positive, including the repeat test of Patient 5 (still positive). Fifty-one specimens are yet to be sent.

There are also currently 28 PUMs under home quarantine. The number is part of the 2,610 PUMs monitored by CHO since 2 February, 2020.

Of the number, 2556 are done with their home quarantine while 26 were endorsed.

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