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Bacolod CoViD Update: No indication of community transmission yet – Dr. Tan

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – There is no indication of yet of community transmission of CoViD-19 in Bacolod, Bacolod Inter-Agency Task Force spokesperson physician Grace Tan said.

Tan confirmed that there are six more cases in Bacolod as of press time, with at least two local cases, with patients having no history of travel nor exposure. This brings the total number of local cases to six.

But Tan said the spread of local cases could not be considered community transmission yet as there is no clustering of cases. Under the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, community transmission is the third stage of spread after imported, and local.

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This happens when there are multiple cases reported in a single community, with no known source of the contagion.

The six new cases also include one death. This brings the total number of cases since start of monitoring to 78. Of the 78, 52 have recovered, and 22 are active, with four deaths, including the new one.

Of the active cases, six are health care workers, five are OFWs, six are Locally Stranded Individuals, one APOR, three are local cases, and one is for investigation.

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The following are the details of the new cases:

Patient 73

is a 33-year-old female, and member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Patient 73 is a local case (neither history of travel nor exposure to a confirmed case). She had attended a local public function a day prior to testing. Her swab test was done last 16 July. She flew 17 July to Manila. Her results – positive – came out July 18. She exhibited no signs nor symptoms.

Patient 74

is a 22-year-old male, and an Authored Person Outside of Residence (APOR), and connected to a cargo shipping company from Manila. He arrived in Bacolod and was swabbed last 13 July. He went on home quarantine after arrival. His results — positive — came out 17 July. He was transferred to a quarantine facility on the day his results came out. He was asymptomatic.

Patient 75

was a 64-year-old male construction worker, and local case (no history of travel nor exposure). He developed symptoms (fever, leg pains, cough) on 6 July and had difficulty breathing last 13 July. On 14 July, he was admitted in a hospital for his symptoms. He was swabbed on 15 July, and died on that day. He was immediately cremated, Last 17 July, his results – positive – came out. His close contacts were immediately isolated.

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Patient 76

is 33-year-old female, and non-medical health care worker. She developed symptoms (headache, malaise, fever) last 13 July. On 14 July, she was vomiting, and developed an itchy throat. She was admitted on that same day. Her close contacts were isolated. It was not indicated when her results came out.

Patient 77

is a 33 year old male, medical care worker with exposure to a symptomatic confirmed case last 1 July. Last 13 July, he developed fever, malaise, loss of taste. On 14 July, he was admitted in hospital, and was swabbed last 18 July. His results came out positive, and his close contacts were isolated.

Patient 78’s case file has not yet been released.

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