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How to Register in Bacolod BaCTraC in 5 easy steps

What is Bacolod BaCTrac?

The BaCTrac Contact Tracing System is a web-based and mobile-based app developed for efficient contact tracing of confirmed COVID-19 positive patients in the city and, consequently, allows the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Task Force to easily locate people suspected of having contact with COVID-19 patients. (READ: BaCTrac updates system; receives complaints of slow response time)

What are the steps?

Total Time: 3 minutes

1. Go to the website

Using your internet browser, go to the Bacolod Bactrac website bacolod bactrac website by bacolod city government

2. Click the REGISTER link

Click “For Bacolod Citizens / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER“. citizens

3. Fill out the Form

Fill out the Citizen Registration Form. When done, click REGISTER.registration form for bacolod bactrac id

4. Print out

Print out the BaCTrac Card with a QR Code. bactrac id for printing

5. For mobile users

If using a cellphone, you may take a screenshot and hit save. bacolod bactrac mobile screenshot


What is Bactrack registration Bacolod city link

Bactrac Bacolod registration link is Bactrac Bacolod web address registration link

How to retrieve lost Bactrack ID

You may watch this video to retrieve your lost Bactrac ID or go directly to this link. How to retrieve Bactrac ID

How to recover backtrack ID

Refer to this video to recover your Bactrac ID or go directly to this link. how to recover bactrac id

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