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An omnibus reply from Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr.

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Below is the statement sent to DNX by lone opposition Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr. amid counter-claims against him by officials of the Leonardia administration after he questioned the price estimates on the planned purchase of Vitamin C by the City Health Office.

We publish his statement in full.

1. On dirty politics

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If my intention was to spite or attack my fellow city officials, then yes, I would have waited for the transactions to have been consummated and the vitamins purchased. 

But then my intention was to ensure that the funds will not go to waste or wrongfully used, so I immediately raised what alarmed me and most Bacolodnons who are now also obtaining these types of items and are well aware of its pricing.

Yes, (I voted to approve the request) because we need the funds to purchase these items but the “price estimates” should be reviewed that I believe are unjustifiable.

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2. Why I did not ask (Mayor Evelio Leonardia) to appoint me as chair of one of the emergency committees?

As early as April 28, 2020 in a Special Session, I manifested that it is high time for the govt. to tap other sectors such as the academicians and even “members of the opposition”.

But my stand regarding the Emergency Committees created is to let our medical professionals and experts lead these Committees by letting the medical, IT experts take over such as epidemiologists, infectious disease, medtechs, specialists with technical persons to design and run platforms.

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Let the SP be part of the solution by creating strategies, policies, measures by crafting legislations in favor of these medical practitioners and frontliners and experts who need our support.

3. Ignorance of the Procurement Law

Procurement of these vitamins; et al are Bulk Orders and negotiated purchase under the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act which exempts it from the provisions of the Govt. Procurement Act.

Bidding is not required.

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