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6-6 Arrests: Two gun slay suspects in June fall around same day, time

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental – Two suspected gun slay suspects, one a child, fell almost at the same time yesterday, 6 September 2022, here and in nearby Murcia town

Ramos Trabuco, 30, was nabbed in Banago village here while the alleged teen killer, 16, was arrested in Murcia, both around 6pm.

Judge Juvy Victoriano-Dioso ordered the arrest of Trabuco who is facing a murder charge for the killing of Bryan Garrido, described by police as a barker, whom he allegedly shot inside an Internet rental store in Langis where the suspect lives.

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Garrido’s murder was the seventh of 13 cases involving guns recorded in June.

Police, meanwhile, nabbed the teen on the order of Regional Trial Court Judge Maria Mercedes Odango-Saril who is hearing the homicide charge against him in Branch 54.

Pinggoy (not his real name) allegedly killed another child, 15, in June beside a busy road here using a pin gun, an improvised weapon.

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He allegedly shot last 22 June Eduardo Gabriel Garaga, 17, in Singcang-Airport Village after the two reportedly fought over rugby, a solvent children here sniff.

Garaga’s case was the 10th one in June.

Their arrest leaves at least nine other cases of gun slay where the suspects have yet to be arrested.

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Mira Nicole Magbanua
Mira Nicole Magbanua
Nicole Magbanua is a voice artist, a fledgling journalist, and a driven young leader, out to maximize her full potential through a mic, a script, and her vocal chords.


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