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War is coming (Philippines prepare)

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No, I do not advocate the Philippines going into war with anyone or joining any war. What I am submitting here, especially to our government leaders, is that war is inevitable, and while we are recovering our footing and composure against the covid, we must anticipate war down the road and the necessary preparations put in place.

Atty. Lyndon P. Caña. | DNX file photo
Atty. Lyndon P. Caña. | DNX file photo

But first, let me register my two cents’ worth: I am happy with the government’s decision, both national and local. Extended ECQ in NCR and some critical areas, with gradual partial restoration of vital industries, GCQ for the rest of the country (with prerogative to extend or modify as their situation requires), but leading to cautious reviving of the economy, with continued protocols and safeguards… I am happy with all this, praise God. I only wish that massive rapid testing can catch up to decrease anxiety levels of the nation which is not good for nation-building. We should not be driven by “a spirit fear, but of power, love, and sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).


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Quickly also, I would like to log my thanks to the God of Luke 18 (the God whose justice we invoked in our blog last April 18 – “Is there at least a million Filipinos who have this faith?”). Very speedily after that, nations of the world began to “bill” or charge China for its dishonesty (the virus did not come from the fish market, the first fifty victims were nowhere near and had nothing to do with the blamed fish market), for stifling information (it took a brave young Chinese doctor who raised the alarm in the world, and not the Chinese government), etc., including the indictment of Anthony Fauci (National Director of Dept. for Infectious Diseases) for collaboration with the enemy, so I thank God that the wheels of truth and justice are beginning to roll…

I also praise God that the recoveries in the Philippines are now outpacing the deaths, and we are catching up with testing kits, etc. We just need to pray that that treacherous vaccine promoted by WHO and Bill Gates Foundation (the unabashed depopulationist) is not the vaccine that the world or our country will accept.

May Filipino scientists and doctors beat the clock and produce that local antidote and receive the President’s P50M (even a hundred if he feels good), so that we can “move on”…

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But which brings us to another scenario down the road: an escalation of events that will lead to war involving China. Let me share Scriptures and then earthly observations to back up my two cents submission, especially to Negros Island, and every island of the nation:

In the last days (“end times”) the Scriptures strongly foretell a war involving the “kings of the east”. This is east of Jerusalem (as all directions in Bible prophecy have Jerusalem as point zero). The word “east” is also the word “orient” (as in “pearl of the orient” is “pearl of the east”). “Kings of the east” is mentioned in Revelations 9:13-21, 16:12. It is mentioned as having an “army of 200 million” (Rev. 9:16). In the time of John, the population of the world was not even near this number. (Jane’s Defense Weekly reports that China’s standing army and reserves exceed 200M, and the Chinese government is trimming it down to 200M that it may devote the rest of its budget to weapons and weapons systems).

Since the Bible uses the word “kings” (plural) and not “king”, it is believed that the “kings of the east” that will figure in end-time battles is an “Oriental confederacy”, a China-led coalition. (Interestingly, the Chinese Communist Party has a roadmap by which they will be the world super economic and military power in 100 years, from 1940 to 2040.)

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The war formation is telegraphed by the formation elsewhere of the “kings of the north” (the coalition led by Russia and Turkey, north of Jerusalem), and the “kings of the south” (the Islamic powers south of Jerusalem). Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 discuss these formations…

In Isaiah 49, the prophet says that “devastators and destroyers” will meet in Israel, among them “those from the North, those from the West and from the land of Sinim”. Most Bible scholars believe that Sinim is China, as even today, China is called “Sino” as in “Sino-Russian war”, “Sino-Japanese war”, “Sino-phobia”, etc.

I see the “coming together” of the picture painted by the Scriptures, provoked by Covid 19:

The Western powers (U.S. led coalition – Britain, Australia, Germany, etc.) are ganging up on China for the horrendous damage brought by Covid 19 on their economies and people. There is increased activity in the West Philippine Sea, with Western ships increasing in number and sorties in the area. China aggressively lays claim on practically all of the West Philippine Sea, even harassing a Philippine Navy ship, provoking another diplomatic protest.

Remember that wars are caused by small incidents. World War 1 in 1914 was started by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by Bosnian Serb nationalists. The war between U.S. and Spain was caused by the explosion of the battleship Maine in Cuba. The U.S.-Filipino war was caused by the shooting of one soldier in a bridge. America entered World War 2 with a Japanese attack in Pearl harbor that killed “only” 3,000 sailors. The twin towers bombing (9-11) that killed around 3,000 people sent America to war against “host nations”.

Now COVID-19, which did not come from the fish market, has affected 210 nations, infected 2,920,954, killed so far 203,272, of which 54,246 are in U.S., 22,902 in Spain, 26,384 in Italy, 22,614 in France, etc. Up to now, no one is able to calculate with educated accuracy the economic devastation brought about by covid, actual and predicted.

It will be foolish for us to fantasize that there will be no war. The affected mighty nations are very angry, and China shows no remorse. There will be new economic and trade wars, border wars (South China Sea), and soon, full-scale war. No it will not happen in one day. It will spread out over a period of years. But that war has ALREADY started. Covid 19 is the first shot of that war.


  1. Jesus already said that in the endtimes, ALONG with pestilences and plagues, etc., will be “wars and rumors of war”, “nations against nations”, (Matt. 24:6-7); over and over again, Jesus said, “Be ye ready”, “watch and pray…”
  2. The Philippines, I am not sure, if it is readying, or preparing. (At least, we are praying, but this is just one third of the general instruction, the other 2/3 being “watch”, and “be ready”. We are not really watching, and we are not readying.) All of these are rooted in Jesus…
  3. The Philippines DOES NOT HAVE A WAR PREPARATION PLAN. The national security council DOES NOT HAVE THIS PLAN, the National Defense College has NOT PRODUCED EVEN JUST A THESIS FOR THIS SCENARIO (I hope I am wrong, and will be glad to be told I am wrong, but please show us where is this plan, as we were not prepared for the covid pandemic…).

My two cent’s then is:

  1. Philippines, do not get involved in this war, and DO NOT BE IDENTIFIED WITH OR ENSNARED BY CHINA, nor of the Western powers. (But bless Israel…Gen. 12:1-3) Ask God for wisdom for prudent neutrality (“independent foreign policy”). We must pray intensely that God will give our President wisdom on this, because whether we like it or not, the President is the chief architect of our foreign policy.
  2. Prepare for a scenario of war: FOOD SUPPLY, LOCAL PRODUCTION, PROCUREMENT AND PREPARATION FOR OUR MOST IMPORTANT NEEDS, including medical, etc. (Negros, and other islands, BE PREPARED TO BE A “REPUBLIC”! Take care of our own people with our God-given resources!)
  3. Most of all, return to God, trust Him, ask for His wisdom and covering. Prov. 18:10 – “The Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and are safe.” Meaning we stop all our corruption and wickedness, that we be covered by the Lord’s protection!

Just my two cent’s po. Amen!

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Atty. Lyndon P. Caña
Atty. Lyndon P. Caña
Lyndon Caña is a civic leader, lawyer, and former councilor of Bacolod.
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