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Village chief pushes for containment to curb virus spread

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Containment is key in controlling the spread of the virus, village 15 chief Anthony Jose Loth Ayco said.

Ayco, in an earlier Facebook post, said Singapore has managed to contain the virus despite being landlocked, contrary to what is happening in the Philippines, an archipelago composed of islands with natural borders.

The village chief, when sought for comment by DNX, said key to containing the virus is through the “fireman’s approach”.

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During the fire, he said, fire fighters would first save the neighboring houses and structures that have not yet been damaged to more effectively contain the blaze, before they can put it out successfully.

“Why can we not contain it?” he said in his Facebook post, “Our geographical set up could have been our advantage compared to all other countries in the world.”

Ayco said the problem started in NCR.

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“If the cases are rising everyday, try examining your policies. Something might be wrong,” he added.

Quarantine and containment, he added, “might be two different approaches”.

As for concerns on the economic impact, he said even if the NCR is going to go under “hard lockdown” for 30 to 60 days, the impact on the economy on the nation’s capital will be cushioned if the economy in the provinces kung ang economy sg iban nga provinces is “up and running”.

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Ayco has been pushing for a resolution to the health crisis first before other areas can recover.

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