Friday, May 20, 2022
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Support, not campaign for your candidates, government officials advised

As local campaign season is about to take off tomorrow 25 March 2022, Negros Occidental poll supervisor lawyer Roberto Salazar advised the government officials that they can support a candidate but cannot campaign for them.

Salzar said there are certain restrictions stated in the Omnibus Election Code saying there should be no interventions between a public official and a government employee.

He also stressed that it does not necessarily mean they should be apolitical.

However government employees should refrain from campaigning and using government resources.

On the preparation meanwhile of the start of the local campaigning season, Salazar said the provincial COMELEC is prepared in terms of training for the teachers and attending to election related concerns.

Mira Nicole Magbanua
Mira Nicole Magbanua
Nicole Magbanua is a voice artist, a fledgling journalist, and a driven young leader, out to maximize her full potential through a mic, a script, and her vocal chords.


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