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Supermom in uniform: Gone but not forgotten

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Editor’s Note: The article about the author’s favorite teacher first appeared in The Panorama, the official publication of Tay Tung Senior. This is republished here with permission from the author as she pays tribute to her second teacher, who passed away yesterday.

When was the last time you told someone that you loved them so much?

This question has brought my memories back into the past with our Chinese teacher, who never ceased on loving us even at the time when we did not deserve her kindness. She was there, always willing to give and care for us.  She was more than a teacher to us because behind her uniform was a mother who cares for us.

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Maybe it is uncommon these days to think that it is not just a “Lao shi” that changed us a lot but a “Li Lao shi.” Yes, she was responsible for changing the very passive group of students to a more dynamic Grade 11 batch.

She was not just an ordinary Lao shi. She was one of a kind. With her, we always had the power to resist sleeping in our seats as we listen to her class.  She knew when to crack jokes to lighten the somber class mood or to enrich her lessons by scaring us that would be sent to the admin office if we did not pay attention.

One thing I can not forget about Li Lao shi was her brand of kindness and generosity. She was like a Miss Universe queen for she was famous for her winning character that could move our hearts to become better in the Tay Tung community. She was a simple mother who cared for all and only thought about the welfare of every student and teacher.

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katelyn ng

Li Laoshi had always a grand heart for students who needed her help. She would often pay for our props in the Chinese Choral Singing Competition and support every endeavor we would take. Her smile would reach the roof every time our batch will snatch the top three spots. There would always be a big pizza for every section. I could still remember whenever we had our quiz and exam she would often give money to those who would get a perfect score. Those were the good old days when she was still with us.

You were gone too soon.

We didn’t even have a chance to talk to you and express our love. You were one of the greatest blessings that we all have received from God. The gift of friendship and love will always be reminded of you. Tay Tung wouldn’t be the same without you. The passing of a supermom and our hero disguised in a uniform.

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You were anonymous to me in the past, but as I became your student,  I knew why everyone called you “mommy” because you influenced your students with love that can’t be bought by money.

The words “Thank You” and ” I Love You” may not be enough to show my heartfelt gratitude for the unconditional support and love that you had given me and my batch because it still pains me knowing you are gone.

You are our hero, our mom, and our biggest supporter. 

She is no other than Elaine Gracia, a supermom behind her uniform.

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Katelene Ng
Katelene Ng
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