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Severed hands in meat broth baffles police

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by Mira Nicole Magbanua and Julius Mariveles

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Police already facing a string of largely unsolved sensational cases here are now faced with another one that could either be solved or could head to the freezer once more after a pair or hands severed at the wrist were found swimming in meat broth and left behind in a barangay here reputed as a go-to place of illicit drug users.

“We are still verifying what it means,” Jonito Pastrana, who heads the probe of Station 2 on the baffling case, told DNX hours after a used ice cream container was found by garbage collectors in the community of Sigay in Barangay 2 around 5am today, 25 January 2023.

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Pastrana described the hands as cut from the wrists and were swimming in a meat broth, popularly known here as linaga, a soup soured by batwan fruit with young jackfruit.

What made the case more baffling was a piece of paper placed inside a plastic wrapper that was found with the hands.

On it was written a list of names.

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Barangay 2 village chief Emelda Banguanga confirmed that the 22 names are those of residents in Sigay and Cagaycay sub villages.

The only lead police have as of now, Pastrana said, is a footage from a Closed Circuit Television Camera that showed a white van stopping along the road where the container was found around 2am today.

It is not clear, however, based on the footage if someone got down from the van.

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Police here have yet to solve the murders of two businessmen – Ivan Magbanua and Jeffrey Keng Seng – and lawyer Danny Pondevilla, which all occured last year but remain unsolved until now.

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