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Resigned, fired, reassigned rumors hound another City Hall exec shortly after Albee’s lawyer-spox resigns

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Another City Hall executive here linked to Lone District Representative Greg Gasataya has been hounded by resignation rumors less than a month after the lawyer-spokesman of Mayor Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez has announced that he has resigned his position for “health reasons.”

Jovelyn Canoy, however, denied the rumors that she quit her position only months after she was appointed manager of the Public Employment and Services Office (PESO), a key department under Benitez.

“I was not kicked out from my office,” Canoy said on her Facebook account and added she has “never been terminated nor reassigned and will never resign from my post.”

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She added in Hiligaynon “your PESO manager was kept busy” releasing checks for PESO scholars.

Her full post reads:


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For those who were looking for me, I WAS NOT KICKED out from my office🤣, NEVER BEEN TERMINATED😂, nor REASSIGNED & I WILL NEVER RESIGN FROM MY POST. Nangin masako lang ang inyo PESO MANAGER ah. Nangin masako kita sang panagtag sang mga TSEKE sang aton mga PESO SCHOLARS sa nagkalain-lain nga mga eskwelahan.

Padayon kita nga naga ubra kag maga ubra and we will continue to serve our purpose not for anybody else but for the people of Bacolod. Madamo gid ang nalipay nga mga estudyante sa sini nga adlaw tungod despite sang mga abiriya, we were tasked by our hardworking Mayor Albee Benitez to deliver the good news sa aton mga scholars kag sa ila tagsa ka mga ginikanan.

Another YUHUM for our 2nd batch bwas nga adlaw mga KA-PESO!

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“Did you believe, too, that I resigned?” she asked DNX in jest when sought to confirm what she posted.

The rumors against Canoy started to swirl only several weeks after Lyzander “Bong” Dilag, the post-poll spokesman of Benitez resigned his position for “health reasons.”

Benitez had not issued any official statement from the City Hall and was only quoted as saying so by a local news outfit that he owns.

Dilag has not issued any confirmation about his resignation and has not returned calls or text messages when sought for comment by DNX.

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